Australian Imperial Force

Units of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) were based in Sutton Mandeville from January 1917 to July 1918. We have most information about the 10th Training Battalion of the AIF, which moved to Sutton Mandeville from Larkhill in October 1917: an advance party travelled to Sutton Mandeville on 9 October; and the rest of the battalion joined them on 11 October. Sutton Mandeville was referred to as Nos 19 and 20 Camps. The 10th Training Battalion was part of the 2nd Training Brigade at Fovant. The Australian War Memorial includes online records, including war diaries, for both the 10th Training Battalion (Oct-Nov 1917 to Feb 1918) and the 2nd Training Brigade (Nov 1917 to Nov 1918).

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