Manor Farm

Grafitti – possibly ‘John Moblin’ – at Manor Farm
Postmark ‘Sutton Mandeville Camp’ MR 16 (March 1916)
Postmark ‘Sutton Mandeville Camp’ JY 16 (July 1816)

The buildings of Manor Farm are at the centre of the camps at Sutton Mandeville and were also requisitioned. As well as the house there were barns, cart sheds and outbuildings. The house was probably used as the headquarters building; one building was used as the pay office. The camp post office was across the A30 opposite Manor Farm; it had its own postmark which we see on mail such as postcards sent from the camp. One of the barns has graffiti heavily engraved on the stonework. Although we cannot be certain it was carved by soldiers, it seems likely.


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