The Badges

There are two badges in Sutton Mandeville: the Shiny 7th Badge or, more correctly, the badge of the 7th (City of London) Battalion of the London Regiment; and the Royal Warwickshire Badge. We think that the two badges were made at some time in 1916 or later. The badges were looked after together with the Fovant badges until the 1990s. When the Fovant Badges Society undertook their major restoration work, they had funds only to be able to restore some of the badges above Fovant. The Sutton badges gradually became more overgrown. In 2009 a feasibility study was carried out to see what would be required to re-instate the two badges on Sutton Down. Work on the Sutton badges started in 2013. The Royal Warwickshire badge was restored in 2017.