Chalke Valley History Festival excavations at Sutton Mandeville

This year, the Chalke Valley History Festival (CVHF) will be running its annual archaeological excavation on the site of the First World War camps at Sutton Mandeville. CVHF is launching this and other initiatives on Friday 19th February, explaining their plans and looking to sign on some volunteers to help. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the team behind the projects as well as learn the importance of the work and get involved.


When: Friday 19th February 2016 at 19:00. Where: Broad Chalke Village Hall

19:00 – Introduction

19:05 – The Battle of the Somme: A Brief Overview by Dr. Peter Caddick-Adams

19:20 – Sutton Mandeville Camp & Dig for History 2016 by Dr. Antony Firth

19:40 – The Trench Project by Luke Winter of the Ancient Technology Centre

20:00 – Q&A

For more information and to join in, please contact James on

Courtesy of CVHF news.