The ‘Theatre Royal’, Sutton Mandeville Camp

This programme offers a glimpse of Sutton Mandeville’s soldiers when off duty, but it also provides us with a list of names of people who served here. The performance took place on May 19th 1916, at a time when both the ‘Shiny 7th’ and the Royal Warwickshire Regiment were stationed at Sutton Mandeville. Although we cannot be sure, it is possible that the programme was sent to a friend of relative of Rifleman Martin, as there is a mark against both of his songs. The complete list of those performing is set out below. If you have information about any of these soldiers we would be very pleased to hear from you!




The Performers, Sutton Mandeville Camp, 19th May 1916

Alchin, H., Rifleman
Ayrton, Captain
Barling, W., Second Lieutenant
Brown, H.A., Second Lieutenant
Ivimy, Rifleman
Kingsnorth, Private
Kitchen, S., Rifleman
Little, Rifleman
Ludbrook, P., Second Lieutenant
Martin, Rifleman
Middleton, W., Rifleman
Perry, A.J., Rifleman
Poulton, Company Quarter Master Sergeant
Samaine, Sergeant
Wilson-Leary, R., Rifleman

(Postcard courtesy of Toby Green)