A line from Sutton Mandeville

A Line From the Front PCThis postcard is titled ‘A Line From the Front’ but it is actually postmarked from Sutton Mandeville Camp. The date is not easy to read but looks like (19)16. The postcard also has a title in French – Des lettres venant du front – but it is by a British manufacturer. It’s possible that it was made available in France and had been brought back, perhaps by the writer on a deployment earlier in the war.

The card is signed ‘Bert’ and also seems to be¬†marked ‘A Graham, A Coy Hut 19’. Unfortunately there is no indication of which regiment. If it is from Albert Graham and you know something about him, then please get in touch. The other person named on the card is Ethel Danks of Fulham, London. Again, please get in touch if you have any information about Miss Danks.

(Postcard courtesy of Toby Green)